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A centre of power and elegance

For over 600 years, the Vienna Hofburg was the residence of the Habsburg dynasty. During this time and since, the Hofburg has become a veritable centre of European history. As each regent added a new wing or annex, the Hofburg has grown into a town inside a city. Today, the Hofburg covers an area of over 240,000 m² with 18 building complexes, 19 courtyards and 2600 rooms.

Living history of monarchy

A chapel is also part of the Hofburg where to this day the Vienna Boys’ Choir sing at Sunday mass. The famous Lipizzaner horses are accommodated in the Imperial Stables and impress their audiences in a show held in the Winter Riding School opposite. The National Library houses the priceless Habsburg book collection as well as one of the most beautiful reading rooms in the world.

Valuable treasures in historical ambience

In 1913, shortly before the end of the monarchy, the new Hofburg was erected and is today the most extraordinary part of the palace. The impressive building with its sweeping monumental front houses a number of collections and museums. The ‘Sissy’ museum and the famous silver collection are situated in the Imperial Chancellery Wing. These are two of the most frequented places of Austrian history.

Museum of fine tableware

Valuable porcelain, glass and silverware, used at the imperial dinner table, are displayed in the palace’s former silver and tableware chamber. Complete sets of tableware and many unique artefacts made by the most famous European manufacturers, all property of the imperial family, document impressively the dining culture and the personal taste of the Habsburg dynasty.

Dishwashing convenience for imperial dining table

To this day, tables at the Vienna Hofburg are set with original imperial silver cutlery for state banquets or for smaller groups of guests – thoroughly and gently washed in Miele Professional cutlery washers. Both machines replace the tiresome yet demanding polishing of silverware.

Founded13th Century
Area covered40,000 m²
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Vienna Hofburg, Vienna, Austria