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The centre of power in the heart of the city

The striking red walls that stretch for over 2 kilometres with twenty towers and the golden domes of the cathedral that rise above them are an image that is known the world over – the Kremlin, Moscow. In the course of its history, all manner of state leaders – princes, tsars, communist leaders and democratically elected presidents – have ruled from here over the largest country in he world.

The cult of personality and solid building technology

In the Lenin Mausoleum, the newest building on Red Square in front of the Kremlin, lies the embalmed body of the first communist leader of the Soviet Union in an illuminated crystal coffin. The buildings of the Kremlin have withstood great damage in the course of its history. The walls and towers that stand there today were built between 1485 and 1495.

The architecture reflects its times

The official buildings of the Kremlin were built between the 12th and 20th centuries – armouries, senate buildings, military academies, cathedrals and palaces. Until the October Revolution, the great Kremlin Palace was the Moscow residence of the tsars. After 1930, two of the chambers were combined to form the great courtroom of the Supreme Soviet. Today, state receptions are held in the 700 chambers.

From fortified tower to hallmark

The pointed roofs of the towers which characterize the Kremlin were added in the 17th century. At the time, the Kremlin walls had lost their function as fortifications and the towers were seen increasingly as symbolic. The Kremlin walls have twenty towers; all but two have a name and some are highly decorated. At 71 metres, the Spasskaya Tower on Red Square is the tallest and most famous and has always been the main entrance into the Kremlin.

Perfect function in the service of the Kremlin

The President’s regiment stands to attention: these elite soldiers form the guard battalion at the Kremlin as well as at the grave of the unknown soldier. The regiment also has its own quarters at the Kremlin. Here, personal laundry, bed linen and official uniforms are washed in an in-house laundry – using the latest Miele technology.

Surface area285,000 m²
Leningradskij Prospect, 39A
125167 Moscow
Telephone: +7(495)7458992
Telefax: +7(495)7458680
The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia