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Extensive medical care

The buildings of the state hospital in Salzburg stretch across an area the size of 56 football pitches. This small ‘town within a town’ provides the medical care to Salzburg. The new specialist theatre unit, opened in 2001, is one of the latest milestones towards modernisation and optimisation of performance.

Excellent patient care

The architectually striking new premises with their impressive spacious design are home to the most modern surgical facilities in Austria. With a 144-bed capacity, the hospital has excellent facilities for both caring for casualty patients and performing complicated operations.

Advanced technology offers highest safety

The latest equipment and medical instruments for examinations, treatment and operations go a long way towards being able to meet today’s high demands for optimum patient care and supervision.

Central reprocessing of surgical instruments

At the heart of the new Surgical Unit West is the theatre wing with six operating theatres and associated areas such as anaesthesia room, wake-up room and intensive care unit. All instruments required during operations are transported straight to the new CSSD unit for reprocessing.

Peace of mind with Miele

Seven Miele G 7828 decontamination units are used for the cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments in the CSSD unit at the state hospital in Salzburg. During twelve hours of operation daily, ten to eleven batches per unit are reprocessed. After sterilisation in an autoclave, instruments can be used once more by surgeons – after a total reprocessing time of approx. three hours.

DeveloperSalzburg state hospital charity
Total Floor Areaapprox. 290.000 m²
Miele Ges.m.b.H.
Mielestrasse 1
5071 Wals/Salzburg
Telephone: +43 5 08 00-0
Telefax: +43 5 08 00-8 12 19
Surgical Unit West, Salzburg, Austria