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Jeong-kil Son:

Most people in Korea live in apartments, which is quite a different living style from that in European countries, because most of our population is concentrated in big cities. Apartments offer the best solution especially in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, as available land is very limited.

The sky’s the limit.

Korea - a country poised between ancient and postmodern, conscious preservation of old values and cosmopolitan international flair, etc. Architects need to be inventive to cater for the lifestyle needs of almost 480 inhabitants per square kilometre, since the land available for development is in equally short supply as an upperclass Korean’s spare time.

Stylish and spacious

The apartments and grounds of the ‘I Parc’ reflect a typically Asian style of the highest design quality, acknowledged worldwide. A spacious oasis of tranquility at the heart of a complex of several hundred residencies.

Sophisticated lifestyle.

Good style speaks for itself and is appreciated worldwide. Elegant materials, minimalistic design and colours, discreet sovereignty: ‘I Parc’ provides a harmonious lifestyle with every conceivable convenience.

Keeping good company

‘I Parc’ is the home of sophisticated, fashionable, successful Koreans. The interior design is in character with the lifestyle of the residents. Select products reflect a simple elegance and a distinctive design. Miele also plays an important role in this environment, taking centre stage in the kitchen.

Developer / ArchitectHyundai Industrial Development Company
Total Floor AreaGangnam, Seoul: 146,483 m²; Bundang: 305,506 m²
BuildingsGangnam, Seoul: 3; Bundang: 8
Residential unitsGangnam, Seoul: 449; Bundang: 1071
CompletitionGangnam, Seoul: Approx. May, 2004; Bundang: May, 2003
I-Park, Seoul/Bundang, South Korea